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Mergers & Acquisitions
Focus on the value exchange while Twin Peaks manages deal structure, diligence and the fine print in a modern tech stack to drive deals to close faster on transparent terms.
Form, Fund & Hire
Form with confidence, close funding rounds quicker and hire on favorable terms with top-notch counsel and a streamlined process that propels your company forward.
Growth Contracts
From SaaS agreements to licensing, Twin Peaks approaches key growth contracts as an opportunity to create lasting partnerships by clearly delineating the parties' obligations and action steps for undesired contingencies.
With deep experience in data and AI, Twin Peaks represents a wide range of technology companies in compliance with CCPA, GDPR, FTC, HIPPAA, FINRA and other major privacy laws, in addition to structuring data management, use and sharing practices.
Form, Fund, & Hire

Launch on Smart Terms.

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“I hate lawyers. I love Twin Peaks.”

Twin Peaks delivers what I need to execute as a CEO of a high growth company. Working with David feels like I have in house counsel. When I need him, he is fast, comprehensive and relentless.
Laurin Hainy
CEO Fair Money
CEO & Founder of Company

Bottomline Dealmaking.

Simple Valuations
We assist both buyers and sellers arrive at a fair valuation price and payment structure. Unlike traditional lawyers, our counsel loves numbers and knows that the handshake of any deal begins only when there is alignment on the value.
Plain Language Term Sheets
Removing the legalese, we get both parties on the same page of the deal terms, clarifying the most negotiated terms up front to align the parties and save time and money.  
Diligence Management
For sellers, we manage the NDAs to ensure your confidential information is protected, limit the scope and liaison information exchange with prospective buyers. For buyers, our meticulous approach ensures we uncover all material facts, risks, liabilities and structural soundness of the business. We delve into every aspect of the target entity's operations, from verifying asset ownership to compliance with regulations, and will contract and deploy technical experts whenever appropriate.  
Expert Contract Drafting
Regardless of transactional structure, we draft ironclad agreements that provide clear guidance and proper incentives to the parties to perform their obligations, while placing strong protections against risks. We have removed the incentive for us to increase our fees by fighting with opposing counsel on inconsequential terms. Our duty is to maximize value and minimize risk. We stand firm and find creative solutions only to serve our clients interests.
Efficient Closing
Close the deal with confidence with easy digital signatures and a high-level review of the transaction management checklist.
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