Win Big Deals

Our aim is to get acquisitions to close on favorable terms in record time. We are hardnosed and creative negotiators that work through a transparent, structured and optimized process from valuation to closing designed to keep executives focused on the money while we handle the heavy lifting.

The Process 

1. Straightforward Valuation.

Before negotiating terms, it is often helpful for the parties to align on the numbers. Twin Peaks provides a standardized way for sellers to present their financial and marketing data, creating transparency for prospective buyers to begin negotiations. All financial data provided to Twin Peaks is shared only with explicit permission from the disclosing party.

2. Negotiate on Clear Terms.

While we are fierce negotiators for our clients, we find that the best deals are won through mediation and common understanding. The Twin Peaks formula puts the value exchange in the initial negotiation front and center. We draft term sheets in plain language, removing the legalese as a barrier to make a deal. Our focus is on identifying synergies between the parties, building consensus and crafting creative solutions to overcome impasses. We stand our ground when our clients' interests are at risk, but because we do not have the financial incentive of big law to rack up large fees, we are driven to close deals on the best terms--not drag them out for our benefit.

3. Thorough Diligence.

Successful mergers and acquisitions hinge on meticulous due diligence. Our seasoned team of legal experts leave no stone unturned, ensuring that every transaction is scrutinized with the utmost precision. We delve into the financial, legal, and compliance aspects of potential deals, identifying opportunities and red flags that could impact your business objectives. Whether you're merging with a local firm or eyeing a cross-border acquisition, our thorough investigations and risk assessments provide the intelligence and security you need to make informed decisions and maximize value. Trust us to illuminate the path to successful and strategic growth for your business.

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4. Expert Drafting.

Regardless of transactional structure, we draft ironclad agreements that provide clear guidance and proper incentives to the parties to perform their obligations, while placing strong protections against risks. We have removed the incentive for us to increase our fees by fighting with opposing counsel on inconsequential terms. Our duty is to maximize value and minimize risk. We stand firm and find creative solutions only to serve our clients interests. Furthermore, we bring deep subject matter expertise to bear in cross-border finance, tax, and employee benefit issues.

5. Organized Closing.

Twin Peaks gets parties to closing faster by integrating modern project management protocols to walk down the checkboxes of handoffs and signings. Unlike big law firms, we avoid charging you huge fees and sending you hundreds of emails to get your deal across the finish line. Our incentives are aligned to get your deal done, and we pride ourselves on using both proper and modern protocols to get our clients to the next phase. In the event there are post closing contingencies structured in the deal, we continue to keep the parties informed of their duties standing ready to assist at any time, and keep our platform open for review of any necessary documentation.

A Streamlined Process

Why Twin Peaks? 

Negotiations can be challenging and stressful. We stand by our clients not only as zealous advocates of their interests, but as a team invested in supporting our clients through the grind to arrive at landmark achievements. This is why opted to not charge by the hour, but instead align our success with the outcome of the deal. We believe in abundant communication and connection. We are committed towards wining alongside you.

Comparison Chart
Business Broker
Traditional Law Firm
$100k+ retainer, $1k+/hr
$30k retainer, 4-8% success fee
Agreement Drafting
Incentivized to Prolong Deals
Incentivized to Close
Transparent Project Management

From Our Clients

"David and the Twin Peaks team led my last acquisition. Bottom line, I netted out 40% better than the initial negotiation price."
Dylan David, Dylan's Tours CEO
CEO & Founder of Company
"Twin Peaks has been an invaluable advisor in our fintech M&A."
Laurin Hainy, Fair Money CEO